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As most of you know most of my energies for trying to make some money has been in writing Reviews for Pay per Post. I finally have some information for you about my progress.
1) I have written five Reviews (5) I would have written more, but I was waiting to see how the whole process worked and wanted to be sure it wasn't a waste of time and energy. To date, four of the five Posts have been approved. The reason more weren't approved was my own fault. I didn't read the TOS and made some mistakes.
2) It appears that they pay on a monthly basis and I have so far earned around $50.00. This is not bad for a total of five reviews. As I said, I could have written more, so earned more, but I was waiting to be sure it was worth while to do it.
My opinion is that this is a valid money making opportunity. Just make sure to read the TOS thouroughly should you decide to try them out. It takes quite some time for them to actually get to reading and approving your post, but with the many people taking advantage of this opportunity, that almost goes without saying. It is based on your page rank, so the amount you are paid is completely dependent on that.
If you think this is something you might be interested in doing, here is the link. Don't get discouraged if you have to edit your Posts or something like that. I had to edit a couple of mine. Again this was my own fault due to not reading TOS. You can only take 3 opportunities a day, but if you have more than one Site that will qualify, be sure to add them all at the time you apply. Most of the Reviews start at around $5.00 per review but the higher the page rank the more you will be paid. I have seen some paying in the hundreds for page ranks of 7 and up. Good Luck and please let me know what you think about this opportunity. Good Luck!

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