How Sweet it Is!  


This is really a great idea, my friend Jonathan Phillips from Smart. Wealthy, and Rich is having a Header Art Contest - Have You Entered Yet? The contest is still running, just so you know, and you can still enter! Just go and read the rules in the header art contest post, and get creative! If you win your header will be Jonathan's default header on the new design! And, the winner will dominate the top of Jonathan's sidebar for a whole month (make this 31 days) when he launches the new design. It doesn't get any sweeter than this!Go and enter this Contest! Good Luck and be happy that I don't have a clue how to make a header because I would surely be entering this one!

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2 comments: to “ How Sweet it Is!

  • 3/4/07  

    Thanks for the link I will add yours to financial independence wright now, would you be interested in exchanging links with my new site

  • 3/4/07  

    You are most welcome for the Link and Good Luck! I would absolutely be interested in exchanging links with you!