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My Online blog is designed to inform and educate people of ways to network and make money doing so. I have been an online money maker for a little over a year now and have gone through a number of sites. The sites I have on my blog are my most profitable; I have gained a lot from them with each month growing stronger. I am now making an added $300 a month to my income, with very little effort and time. I have focused my attention to market research survey sites and paid to click or paid to read sites. Both these methods are a sure bet of a steady income that can only get better for you with a referral down line. The last group of sites, which is the first you’ll come across on my website are sites that pay you to be active in a social networking community. It is the new phenomenon of social networking, like Myspace but getting paid to post in forums, post comments to your friends, amongst other actions. The communities have a wealth of information available to any beginner or expert online money maker. All will help you and in particular Dollarspace prides itself on this and pledges itself to the user to be for the user and done by the user.
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