Will John Chow Accept the Challenge?  


My friend Jonathan Phillips from Smart,Wealthy and Rich, along with One Million Subscribers are attempting to get John Chow involved in a makeover but so far, no response from the Dot Com Mogul! So I thought I would add my two cents worth as a way of showing support for this cause.

John has given money to charity before, so why not raise money (that will be given to a charity of Johns’ choice) to get John to shave his head (so he would then be part of the bald bloggers crew!)

What do you think? I believe it would be a great opportunity for John and for other bloggers to help people and share the wealth, by giving money to charity, it would just be more fun if John shaved his head! It would really show how much charity is important for the blogosphere!
John, are you game? (don’t worry, your hair will grow back!)

One Million Subscribers is proposing the first ever dot com mogul makeover and our first recipient of this fabulous reward is John Chow.

John really needs a makeover if he really wants to claim the status of dot com mogul. So we propose making John over by having his head shaved for a charity of his choice.
Are you in John? And how much would it take for charity to get you to shave your head? $100? $500? $1000? You name it and I will start collecting donations for the charity of your choice.

Add your comments here and let's see if John will accept the challenge! Come on John be a sport!

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