Resource Economics..Grease your brain  


Resource Economics..Grease your brain is a good read, funny and insightful. Another authoritive Site by Ev Nucci
This woman sure knows what she is talking about! In a previous post I told you about her Site: The Career Strategist .
This site is much in the same vein. Here again you will learn some techniques on how to prepare for an Interview, and make it memorable for the Interviewer. She will touch base a bit on making a good business plan and how not to sabotage yourself because of your fears.
You will learn how to get out of a job with grace, and integrity and how to not bomb your career when you make that change. She explains to you a little bit about the psychology of Great Executives and how to get into that mindset as well as some good advice about how to not become a corporate drone.
All the while she is doing this with you she will have you rolling on the floor with laughter!

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