Thinking About Labels  


I wonder sometimes why they even bother to put labels on food. I never bother to read them, do you? Perhaps if they would make more of a custom label, you know with bright colors that actually call one's attention to the product and/or ingredients? Then maybe I would remember to look at things like calories and nutrition facts.
I have seen stickers used on specially marked items, you know the kind I am talking about? Those custom stickers that are used to let you know something is marked down or on sale or something like that. Those are the labels that really get my attention since I like saving money and I love a good bargain.
Mailing labels might be something that you use often. You can get some custom made labels from
Frontier Label if you are interested in personalizing your mail or packages. You can order self- adhesive labels or stickers from them too. If you are in the market for labels. go check them out first.

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