Todays Offering 4-14-07  


I have spent this last week researching and researching. I have signed up for a few different offers and they are all posted here. I haven't started to make any money yet and won't until this Site starts to get some traffic and a decent Page Rank. That's ok, it will come.
I cannot believe the million links I have clicked on through searches on Google. What a lot of BS there is out there!
The reality is there is no "easy" way to make money online although it can be done. Time and Patience are the keys here.
Check out some of the Posts and join some of the Sites I have posted here for you, who knows you may increase your income.
I have made around $60 dollars from Pay Per Post and this was done in only six posts. I have to write four more posts and wait until this Blog is 90 days old before I can start writing the Reviews on here. Have you joined Pay Per Post yet? It is worth the effort, just make sure when you join that you submit all your Blogs so you can write your Reviews where you want to. The opportunities aren't so great for those with a Page Rank of less than 7 so Page Rank is a huge deal.
If you read some posts here I have posted a lot of information about SEO and Blog Promotion. I hope some of that will help you.
That's about it for now. I will keep researching and when I find some thing I think has a decent earning potential you will find it posted here.

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