Why You Won't Be Rich  


I was just reading on Steve Olson's Blog. He referenced a great Post about "Why you won't be rich."
In this post, he he talks about our real attitudes about money and he says "Most of us want what money can buy. We want a roof over our heads. We want good food and clothing for ourselves and our families. We want a decent means of transportation. We want to have some fun. We want to know if we or our family get sick, we’ll be taken care of. We want educational opportunities. How much of these we want will decide in large part how much money we want to make, and how hard we’re willing to work for it.
Oh. There is one other thing money can buy. Freedom. Options. Choices."
I would have to agree!
The actual Author of this article is: Rick Cockrum why not go see his Site while you're at it!

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2 comments: to “ Why You Won't Be Rich

  • 9/4/07  

    Just a note to clear up any confusion on the part of you and your readers. Steve Olson has a great site. He writes many thoughtful, intelligent articles. The article on Why You Won't Be Rich that he linked to was written by me, though.

  • 9/4/07  

    Thanks Rick,
    My apologies, I must have overlooked your name on the original Post. I have given proper credit now. Again, thanks for bringing this to my attention!