Bad Linking Can Cost You $$$  


Ideally what we really need as explained in a previous post, is someone to write about your blog...not just post a link to a high PR rated site.

For anyone of you with a popular blog that simply links to blogs that are "smaller" than you yourself (PR Ranking), you are only hurting yourself.

Google and Yahoo have totally changed how their rankings are computed and outputted. Simply the number of inbound links does not always equal success, so be careful about putting together a large blogroll. Getting someone to write about you or your site is much more valuable, and will be credited better by Google (at the last).

Also, linking to content that has nothing to do with your content will hurt your site. So if you have a blog about baseball, and you post a link to a blog about Chinese food, you're hurting your rank...but we will talk about that some other time totally!!!

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