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I just did a Page Rank Predictor to see where My View of "It" might be headed in the near future and guess what? My Page Rank is going down. I didn't know that was possible but it is.

You can get your Page Rank Prediction Here: iwebtools

I am not going to panic about this as this is not my main reason for Blogging, it will however cause me to become less eligible for some Pay Per Post Offers.

I don't know when the next Page Rank comes out but if you are anything like me you might want to just get a heads up as to where your site stands.

Here's a pretty good Article: 3 Easy Ways To Increase PageRank

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2 comments: to “ Page Rank Drop

  • 25/9/07  

    That kinda Sucks but yer Smart not to Panic!!

    I'm gonna sign up for a New Twist tomorrow + I'll scoop ya in on it!

    U should pop by either of my Blogs + grab the BlogRush Widget too for all yer Blogs!!

    Cheer Kiddo!! Billy ;))


  • 25/9/07  

    Thanks Billy,
    Let me know how that is for you. Will get the widgets soon.