A Breakthrough Technology Has Spawned an Internet Marketing Revolution...  


As you read this sentence 2 more people have joined the movement...
This is a free opportunity for you to share in billions of dollars of new found advertising revenue that was formerly reserved for major television networks.

NetAudioAds™ Pay-Per-Play (PPP) advertising is an advertising channel that is set to take the web by storm. Because of the size and scope of this deal (backed by one of the BIG 5 search engines), PPP advertising will become a world wide business media event.
PPP works on a bid management system similar to Google AdWords and will compensate publishers just like Google AdSense but with one critical difference…
Publishers (website owners) will earn revenue on 100% of their traffic... no clicks necessary!

As a website owner you have the opportunity to earn 25% of the "per-play" revenue spent by the advertisers that play audio ads on your website.

On average 25% is far more than what Google AdSense pays the webmaster for clicks. Further, Google refuses to disclose exactly how much they pay per click out of the revenue they receive from advertisers.

Pay-Per-Play is due to officially launch on February 1st, 2008. Now is the time to tell everyone you know about the free PPP opportunity.

Go check it out now!

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