Entrecard - Just Another Personality Contest?  


I have been with Entrecard for about two weeks now. One of my Blogs is doing fairly well but this one isn't making it.
I am getting the feeling that Entrecard is a popularity contest rather than a meaningful way to generate traffic.
The average user drops a card on your Site and the average length of stay is under 5 seconds as they are only interested in getting their credits for dropping their cards thus increasing the credits needed to advertise on other Sites.
I am disappointed so far and it irritates me that people are playing the system rather than using it as was intended, a way to discover new Blogs and to generate traffic to your Site by taking the time to actually read and leave comments on the Sites that you visit.
Linking is important too even if your page rank is still low any link is a good link.
I suppose I am just naive in my thinking that Entrecard was a way for us to help each other...sigh.
675 cards you dropped
118 cards dropped on you
And for all you chain droppers, here's a Site that lists Sites for you that have their Drop Your Card here above the fold so you won't have to waste any of your valuable time actually reading.....Click Here

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