I'm Always the Last to Know  


(sigh) I am always the last to know about things out there in the 'Blogosphere.' I was just doing a little bit of 'googling' to get some ideas about 'stuff'.
I have been asked to write an article about Blogrolling and was trying to brush about what blogrolling is and isn't
Anyway, to make a long story short, I came upon a Site called BlogPulse. Did you know that you can list your Blog(s) there for free?
Yeah I figured you did, that's why I said I am always the last to know - LOL!
If you are like me and always a day late and a dollar short, here's the 411:

What can BlogPulse do for me?
BlogPulse.com is a blog search engine that also analyzes and reports on daily activity in the blogosphere.
BlogPulse.com features the following:
A Search Engine for blogs
A set of Buzz-Tracking tools that are applied to blog content daily to track blog activity on key issues, people, news stories, news sources, bloggers and more
A fun look at real-world Trends as reflected through blogs
Daily blog stats that measure activity in the world of blogging (number of blogs identified, new blogs created, number of blog posts analyzed)
A Trend Search that allows you to create trend charts comparing buzz in the blogosphere on up to three specific topics
A Conversation Tracker that follows and captures the discussion, or conversation, that emanates and spreads from individual blogs or individual blog posts
Blogger Profiles that identify top-ranked blogs and analyze their blog presence, activity and relative influence in the blogging world
A Showcase, which we think of as a virtual sandbox where our researchers bring you some of the coolest new ideas, tools and gadgets for blogging

If you are a blogger …

You can ensure that your blog is represented in our index
Try our search engine to see who is talking about topics of interest to you and to find out who links to your blog actively through other bloggers' own blog entries, and in what context
Check out our Buzz-Tracking and Featured Trends tools to see what's current or "bursty" (meaning it bursts onto the discussion scene) in the blogging world on any given day
Use our Trend Search to chart buzz on specific topics of your interest. You can also use the Trend Tool to chart links to specific blog posts, blogs or web sites over time
Use our Conversation Tracker to map the flow of the conversation on specific topics across the blogosphere
Visit our Blog Profile section to see if you rank among the top bloggers or to determine the relative activity and influence of other bloggers.

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