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Blogging is not as easy as non-bloggers would think. It is not the usual type of career that anyone can just stay alive without problems. Although it is not quite obvious, blogging has many obstructions too. A blogger may not have a boss to satisfy, no dress code to follow, and no time limit to work; there are still some bloggers who decided to quit. Here are some of the reasons why:

Too many interests.
Bloggers with many interests can have a problem in terms of priority. Instead of focusing on a particular niche topic, he likes to blog about many things. Since he cannot handle the pressure of managing too many blogs, he feels exhausted and then quit. Now, he only prefers collecting different information. A blogger cannot be Jack-of-all-Trades because he will be Master of Nothing.
Lack of time.
This is common to working bloggers like me. It is very difficult to balance your time to work and time to blog; and if you have a family, a quality time for them. Some bloggers are even required to extend some hours to work in the office, which gives him lesser time to blog. The same is true for students who are blogging, there will come a time that he should prepare for a school project or a major exam. Blogging requires time, a dedicated time.Lack of drive. Just like artists and writers, bloggers need someone or something to drive his thoughts and ideas. A blogger should always be inspired in order to maintain his quality posts. Unknown to many, it is very difficult to think of something to discuss about continuously. If the drive is gone, you cannot blog even if you have enough time.
Poor health condition.
Although a blogger does not require being physically fit, it requires a lot of time. Enough sleep and rest are some of the things that a blogger will not have. The more you get successful, the lesser rest time you will have. Although nobody can force a blogger to stay awake during late night, it is one of solemn moments when a blogger can concentrate, not unless that he has many assistants to help him in other blogging activities. Blogging requires a healthy mind and soul.
Loss of interest.
This is applicable to people who are not really meant to be a blogger. He cannot put his whole heart into blogging. No matter how high the income he is receiving, if a blogger has really no interest then he will quit and concentrate more on business probably. Blogging is a more of a passion, rather than just a plain work.
Low revenue. This is due to wrong connotation that all bloggers can be rich. Although there are some bloggers who got rich, money is still hard to find in this field. Remember that there are millions and millions of bloggers around the world, which means that no matter how well you do in blogging, the road to get rich is very stiff. So if someone blogs just for money alone, then blogging is not for him. A blogger is a hobbyist, not a businessman.
To avoid quitting untimely, learn the things you should know first before you blog.
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