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I had a visitor on my other Blog My View of "It" leave a comment. As is my habit before I responded I checked out the contact information and the Site. I found information there about Good Search.
We all make dozens of internet searches every day. Now, using GoodSearch you can donate at least $0.01 to your favorite charity every time you do a search. GoodSearch uses Yahoo search results, so rest assured, it's a powerful search tool.
GoodSearch is an AWESOME and FREE way to help your favorite animal charity!
One cent per search may not sound like a lot of money, but if you're making five searches a day, that's $0.05. Multiply that times 100 supporters doing five searches a day, and that's $5.00 for your favorite charity. Multiply that times one month, and that's $150.00 for your favorite charity, and all you had to do was use GoodSearch as your search engine.
If you personally do five searches a day through GoodSearch, and your family and your friends do the same, the revenue generated for your favorite charity really adds up!
Using GoodSearch is easy! Simply go to GoodSearch and select a charity to support, then search just as you normally would. There are hundreds of charities using GoodSearch. If your charity is not included in the list, contact them and encourage them to join today! You can also easily set GoodSearch as your homepage, or add it to your toolbar.
So, who do you GoodSearch for?
Also please visit Saving Lives one at a Time which features the profiles of death row dogs and cats as well as unique information regarding rescue and adoption of shelter pets.

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3 comments: to “ A Worthy Cause

  • 25/1/08  

    Carol, I have absolutely no clue why I have never checked out this site before.

    Great info. on Google. I have always simply searched on Yahoo because it is my home page.

    I shall use Google from this point forward.
    Thanks for the input!!

  • 25/1/08  

    Hi Jackie,
    No hon it's Good Search.
    Glad you found this Site :)

  • 25/1/08  

    Thanks for helping spread the word about GoodSearch! :)