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Something new in the making. Found this on 1 Man & His Blog. Apparently he is developing something he calls UpZap a new website being developed by Darren Singleton. Aiming to offer quality, free traffic for webmasters and at the same time help web surfers find new and interesting websites about topics of their choice.
At the moment, the only thing you can do is submit your websites. If you visit our homepage and submit your website, you are guaranteed to gain an extra boost of traffic over anybody who submits their URLs once we have launched.
The website itself is heavily in development, but progress is coming along nicely. All websites submitted prior to the launch of UpZap will be given an extra boost of traffic from the System.

There are 158 websites currently in the database, including mine :)

Why not go and add yours too and pay a little visit to Darren letting him know what you think?

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2 comments: to “ Something new in the making

  • 18/4/08  

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the review, it's greatly appreciated. The website is still heavily under construction but we should hopefully release a little for people to look at shortly.


  • 18/4/08  

    Hi Darren,
    You're welcome it was my pleasure to help get the word out. Please let me know when you are ready with "something for people to look at" and I will make another Post announcing this.
    Have a great weekend.