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Easy Editing
You don't need to know a thing about HTML code to make perfect posts. You don't even need to be online to write. Lycos-Qumana is simply faster, easier, and better than a web interface.

Ad Insertion
Lycos-Qumana lets you insert keyword ads in one click - make money from your content, easily. Free sign-up for Q-Ads.

Instant Tag Insertion
Lycos-Qumana lets you easily insert tags into to your posts. One click, type your keywords, and that's it. Increase your traffic from Technorati and other search engines, instantly.

Easy Cross Posting
Publish your post, then repost it instantly to another blog. No more messing with web interfaces.

This is a FREE Blogging Tool that takes up about 9.49 MB (9,957,376 bytes) of Disk space.
Check it out!

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