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I know there are like a gazillion Blogs out there telling you how to make money online. Why is this one different? Because, I am not telling you how to make money online. I don't know how to. Like you, I am looking for ways to make money with absolutely no money to spend on doing it. Together, you and I, we can find the opportuities out there to help us do it. One way I am trying right now is to write reviews for advertisers. Will this work? I don't know, all I know is that I wrote three Reviews today and am being paid $27 for it. This only took about thirty minutes of my time. The down side to it is that alot depends on your Google Rank because all the really high paying Offers are for people with the higher Ranks. That's as it should be (I suppose.) Anyway, check in with me here once in a while, read some of my Reviews and from time to time I will let you know how that is going and if I think it's worth while or not. As I come across information while Surfing, I will put it here to share with you. So, you see, I have nothing to sell and no promises to make. I am just like you are, just looking for a way to make a little extra cash for those little extra things that we all like so well. I hope to see you again soon!
PS: If you want more information about the Site I joined to write the Reviews, you will need to go to my other Site (I can't put the information on this Site yet because I have to write 7 more Reviews before I can add this Blog to that Site :p) Here's the link to my other Blog: My View of It

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4 comments: to “ Why Should You Read This Blog?

  • 10/3/07  

    A new blog about making money online...to succeed you're REALLY going to need to stand out and offer superb advice.

    I'll visit once in a while to see how things are going here. Thanks for the link to Bryan-Baker Dot Com.

  • 10/3/07  

    I know Bryan this is going to be a challenge! Thanks for your support and you are most welcome for the link! My pleasure!

  • 13/3/07  

    YEA Carol, more power to you... I don't think you have any problem at all. Most of the sites are just selling stuff and most of the time lying or kind of exaggerating about their estimation of the success they promisse, honesty seems to me to be the best approach.

  • 13/3/07  

    Thanks Martine. That's exactly how I feel about it. If it works for me, I'll tell you, if it didn't, I'll tell you that too. Thanks for the visit and the comment!