Blog Promtion can be Fun!  


Link and Blog Challenge - I joined this Site as a way to Network with other Bloggers and to Promote my Blog. This is the best Community I have joined yet! I have met some great people and have participated in some really fun challenges. Traffic to my blog has increased and so have those all important back links.
This is a free community to join and I highly recommend it. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

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6 comments: to “ Blog Promtion can be Fun!

  • 11/4/07  

    I'm a member of L&B too! Glad to have you aboard, maybe we can do some challenges together!

  • 11/4/07  

    Hi Wendy,
    I think we have made a connection there already and I am ready for a one on one, it is always fun but try not to tax my rusty old brain too much. ::wink::

  • 11/4/07  

    I told you so...

  • 11/4/07  

    Yes you did are too funny!

  • 11/4/07  

    I am a member too. It is great!!

  • 28/4/07  

    Hey thank you everyone. It's very encouraging to read your post and comments! Much appreciated! Thank you again! :)