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Surfing today I came across this on John Chow Dot Com:

John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money online. He is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

I will link to anyone who reviews my blog. Just make sure it’s a real review and not tossed in with another post. I no longer link to those. The link will send you traffic and help improve your search engine and Technorati ranking.

John Chow's Site is devoted to helping others to make money online. He shares what has worked for him and how he became a Dot Com Mogul. His site is full of tips and ideas about how you can make your Site more popular with both readers and the search engines. It is not a boring site and he updates daily.

John Chow has more than 3,500 Readers and he is very popular with them as evidenced by the amount of comments he receives. He is also unofficially in the Top 100 on Technorati which is no small accomplishment! Perhaps this is one reason why.

The Relationship Is More Important Than Money
"I’ve made a lot of money on the Internet. I’ve also made a lot of friends and formed many relationship with people and companies from all over the world. Those relationships are worth far more than the any monetary gain. I get offers all the time from ad networks trying to steal me away. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. What is the deciding factor? The relationship."
"A good relationships worth more than a few extra bucks."

So go check out his site if you want to learn how to make money online, write your own review of his blog

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