An Excess of Possibilities  


There is little that can't be accomplished by the awakened soul. A feeling of grand pressure yet stressful optimism has been reached by many. It is not that many are feeling hopeless but stimulated, not blocked from possibilities but overwhelmed by their fruitful opportunity. It is a grand time to be alive - albeit a frightening time. So much creativity to taste, so much new possibility, so much life! It is a time of personal bounty - the bounty of being human - and it comes with a great price! The price is not war or other catastrophe. The price is the excess of growth that has opened up, leaving one exhausted and amazed by non-limits. It's a kind of delightful realization of one's Godhood, at the same time the inherent responsibilities or limitations are also seen. All possibility… the sky's the limit! The pressure and "agony" of saying yes to it all.

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