I Don't Know Where I'm From  


I just read a Blog written by an Adult Child of an Alcoholic. called: I Don't Know Where I'm From
The thing about this Blog that makes it special is that it is not a whiny, self-serving saga about what it's like growing up with Alcoholic Parents. It is not a scathing, blaming, attack on her dysfunctional parents either. It is one person taking responsibility for herself and reclaiming her life.
This story is a well-written, concise report of her life, written in a kind of step-by-step format from childhood to adulthood. The author simply lays her life out there for all to see. It is written almost in the style of an interested observer.
The Author takes us from early childhood, through something like 18 moves as her parents try to stay one step ahead of the INS. She touches briefly on being molested by an Uncle, the wonderful agony of her first love and the utter shattering of her soul at the inevitable break up of that first love. She shares with us all the awful, awkward teenage years, her first job, and her emacipation, given at her parents reqest, not her own, which only fed her issues of low self-esteem and abandonment. She shares with us her unresolved anger around this issue in a most forthcoming, matter of fact way.
This is a wonderful example of how the human spirit can grow and soar, despite obstacles, stuggles and pain, can grow and blossom into a truly creative person. A triumphant reclamation of life!

This is my first Review in response to my "I am now a Link Whore" article.

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2 comments: to “ I Don't Know Where I'm From

  • 5/4/07  

    you never cease to amaze me! What a jewel. Great find.

    I adore you!

  • 5/4/07  

    Wow! I don't know what I did to deserve that but thanks so much! You know the feeling is mutual.