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It doesn’t matter what niche you’re marketing in, forums are a great way to make more money online for your business.
If you have spent most of your time lurking in these forums, it's time to start joining them and posting comments.
You don't have to make any earth shattering discovery posts or deeply insightful posts; you simply just need to become active.
By being positive and helpful you’ll increase your reputation, which will increase your ability to make more money online.
Once you have started to post comments and start threads of your own, you should go and fill in your signature file. You should include here any site or product you are currently promoting with a link to it and a basic, quick overview of what it is. Your signature file is the most consistent way to make money through online forums.
The whole theory here is that once you become active and the other Forum members get to know you they will then be more likely to visit your Site. This is turn will increase your traffic and could also get you some great back links.
Get out there and get active!

Some Tips about Forum etiquette:
1) Do not spam the forum.
2) Before asking a question, use the search function of the forum.
3) Post something useful.

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