Some Thoughts About Subscribing to a Blog  


I was wondering what makes a reader subscribe to your Blog Feed. I suppose it would be so that they wouldn't actually have to go to your Site everyday to read your Blog and because the content of your Blog is something they are also interested in. Pretty much the same reason I subscribe to certain Blogs. I also like to add them to my Technorati Favorites because this way I can display that on my Blog and I get to give my favorite Sites a little "plug" this way.

More impotantly though. I think, is what makes a reader unsubscribe from your feed? This is what I have found on that topic:

1) When the posting consists of short updates with no real content
2) Too many posts or posts that are not relevant
3) The blog is updated too often, 4 posts a day seems to be a good balance here.
5) Excessively long posts
6) Too much Blog and Self Promotion

While most of us Blog because we are passionate about what we are Blogging about, it is important to also Blog with the people who are reading your Blog in mind. We seem to have short attention spans these days and little tolerance for irrelevant topics. Also people generally will only skim your Blog so it is important to stimulate the imagination and be as motivating and positive as possible. Negativity is a drag!

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2 comments: to “ Some Thoughts About Subscribing to a Blog

  • 17/4/07  

    Nice tips!

  • 17/4/07  

    Thanks. Good to see you. Hope all is well with you :)