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Well I would not be a normal person if I have not experienced my share of windows related problems, but since I finally began blogging full time, I have really opened myself up to all kinds of new avenues (no I don't mean I have become a Scientologist!).

I just feel like I have to mention to all of you, the advantages of using Linux over MS. My main reason was cash! Linux is free and always will be.

When I first started using FireFox instead of Internet Explorer, I did so because, one, it was free, and two, all of the extra plug in and extensions that I was able to download and easily integrate. Well just imagine if Vista or XP had thousands or even tens of thousands of those type of plug-ins...well you have just imagined Linux!

I am going to cut this short but I will just say...if you have a second computer or a spare or even thinking of getting a new one...install Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS on the older one and play around with it. You will be VERY pleasantly surprised!

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