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Yes I know, I know...I have been the worst possible permanent-like guest blogger since Carol left, but I did make it look pretty here, and I did get a better pagerank didnt I? Aren't I good for something? ok so here is my latest post.

What is in your signature?

Sure your signature has almost nothing to do with the actually increase of your pagerank, but look...why not do some free advertising.

I get about 100 new emails a day, therefore I have the opportunity to get my name BACK out to 100 people everyday. PLEASE, stop me if you know where I am heading!!! Even if you only get 2-3 new emails a day, those may be potential new readers and even 1 new reader a day would be AWESOME, would you not agree?

Yes maybe I go over the top with sig, but you don't have to be an advertising wh0re like I am! This is what mine looks like today. Truthfully, I don't actually like it, and am in the process of changing it (insert the phrase 'when hell freeze over' here).

Paul A. Hunter
eFisher Of Men

4life | blogpaul.com
4pics | pix.blogpaul.com
4web | networthless.com
4dads | supdad.com
4moms | blogpaula.com
4ne1 | twocentblog.com
mybloglog | mybloglog.com/buzz/members/blogpaul/

msn im | blogpaul@hotmail.com
aol im | blogpaul@aim.com
yho im | blogpaul07
gtalk im | eternalpaul

Take it from a guy who has actually had a person write me to say, "I have been blogging for years and never even heard of you until you sent me back your email...thanks I love your site and keep it up."

PS. In your signature, definitely make the URLS linked...i just didn't wanna look like I was trying to get free links here...but the links are vital in the signature because hardly NO ONE will take even one second to copy paste.

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3 comments: to “ Where's Your Signature?

  • 24/5/07  

    You sure did make it look pretty here and the Page Rank did jump (!). I agree with you with the siggy thing. No one does take the time to copy and paste. Where you been and are you alright????

  • 29/5/07  

    OK, I'm not sure who this comment should go to...but I tagged this blog in my recent meme. I thought I was tagging my beauty Carol! Not sure who's doing what over here now...so guys can you fill me in?

  • 29/5/07  

    Hi Ev,
    I am here and will get back to you about this Meme. Thanks for thinking of me!