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1. (Level: SEO Expert) Industry Inbreeding Chart
See how sites are interlinking within your keyword niche ("industry inbreeding") to find everything from hubs to scraper sites to keyword volatility and maturity.

2. (Level: Moderate) Adwords Creatives Tool
Test your Adwords Creatives (advertisements) in advance.

3. (Level: All) HTML Pie Chart Tool
Easily the most difficult and coveted chart to get into HTML, this tool will help you generate an pie chart on-the-fly for your web site.

4. (Level: SEO Moderate) Theme Keyword Finder Tool
A different approach for creating more thematic content, this tool diggs through your competitor's websites to determine common words and phrases they use throughout their text. Use those words to make your content match the themes of your industry more closely.

5. (Level: SEO Moderate) Theme Distance Tool
The first search-engine-based programmatic approach to determining whether your site is "on theme"! Stop listening to SEO talking heads and start getting real answers about themes and how they relate to SEO.

6. (Level: SEO Expert) Expired Domain Names Tool
This tool searches through the top 100 results for your keyword to find domains that have expired or will be expiring soon. You can then use a domain backorder service to snatch these domains when they are not renewed! Instant rankings without any SEO!

7. (Level: SEO Expert) Duplicate Content Tool
The most comprehensive web-based duplicate content tool available online. This tool checks 7 different common causes and effects of duplicate content to diagnose any current or potential duplicate content penalties.

8. (Level: SEO Moderate) Clean IP Tool
Because your site can be associated with other sites sharing the same IP address, it is important to know how "clean" the content is of sites sharing your ip. Are they adult sites? Or Gambling Sites? This tool finds your ip and checks other sites that share the ip for a cross section of adult, gambling, and pharmaceutical terms which could damage your search rankings.

9. (Level: SEO Novice) Density of Keyword Tool
Unlike other live keyword density tools, this performs "phrase density" measurements, so two, three and four word combinations are compared not against the regular word count, but against all other two, three, and four word combinations. This gives you a more accurate measurement of density.

10. (Level: SEO Novice) Banned Sites Tool
Utilizing the brand new linkfromdomain: command in MSN, this tool finds the top 100 outbound links on your site and determines whether or not those sites are banned. If they are, it gives you the link to MSN where you can find exactly what pages on your site link to the banned domain!

11. (Level: SEO Novice) Reciprocal Linking Tool
Also taking advantage of the brand new linkfromdomain: command in MSN, this tool identifies which of the top 100 outbound links on your site go to reciprocating web sites. If they are not reciprocating, their domains are listed.

12. (Level: All) IP Information Lookup Tool
Grab the GeoLocation, Arin Whois, and MSN IP site reverse-lookup all at once!

13. (Level: All) Alexa Traffic Tool
Grab the Alexa Traffic information on multiple websites at once!

14. (Level: All) IP Address Finder Tool
Find the IP addresses of a list of several websites. Just list websites 1 per line.

15. (Level: All) Delete Duplicates Tool
Enter in a huge list of keywords or data and immediately get back a list with duplicate entries removed.

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