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Smart Browser on the web
Smart Bro is a tabbed browser, similar to Internet Explorer, but with many new features, introduced to help you browsing the Internet in an easier and more exciting ways. After you use Smart Bro, you'll never go back to your old web browser again. Guaranteed!

Is Smart Bro free?
Yes, Smart Bro is freeware. No registration is required, and there are NO limitations. Smart Bro is not an Adware and it contains no Spyware at all. Read more...

Download it?
Click here to download Smart Bro. The Smart browser that we designed carefully to suite all of your needs.

Quick Tour
If you like to know more about Smart Bro features and how it can make browsing the Internet easier, please take the quick tour

After three days of driving myself crazy, I found a simple and really fast FREE Browser. Check it out and let me know what you think

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