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From Andy Beard's Site: Open Web Awards - Call for Nominations

The Open Web Awards are now open for nominations until the 6th December, and this stage of the proceeding is quite open plan.

The current 28 blogging partners (increasing daily) have been provided with a list of categories to accept nominations for, and it is down to each blog to decide how to proceed with collecting nominations, whether to make individual posts for each category, or to handle things from a single post.

Voting will take place in a much more refined manner.

Mainstream and Large Scale Networks
Applications and Widgets
Social News and Social Bookmarking
Social Search
Sports and Fitness
Photo Sharing
Video Sharing
Start Pages
Places and Events
Social Shopping
Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks

My Choices:

Flickr - - (Photo Sharing)
Live Digital - - (Video Sharing)
My Flash Fetish - ( -(Music)
My Blog Log - - (Social Networking)
Cr8Buzz - - (Social Networking)
Andy Beard: Niche Marketing - (Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks)

I hope I did this right. Anyway, check out Andy's Site (s) for all the info.

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