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With a million other Blogs out there in the 'Blogosphere' what makes yours better than the rest?
What are some of your strengths:
What do you do better than anyone else?
What do people in your market see as your strengths?
Consider this from an internal perspective, and from the point of view of your Readers.

Be realistic: If you are having any difficulty with this, try writing down a list of your characteristics.
Some of these will hopefully be strengths!
In looking at your strengths, think about them in relation to your competitors - for example, if all your competitors write high qualityBlogs, then a high quality Blog is not a strength in the market, it is a necessity.

What could you improve?
What should you avoid?
What are people likely to see as weaknesses?
What factors lose you Readers?
Again, consider this from an internal and external basis:
Do other people seem to perceive weaknesses that you do not see?
Are your competitors doing any better than you?
It is best to be realistic now, and face any unpleasant truths as soon as possible.
What could you be doing to set your Blog apart from all the rest?

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