I Must Be Stupid!  


I have been Blogging for a little over a year and I just now this very minute discovered Windows Live Writer (sheesh). I cannot believe how much easier it is for me to write now that I don't have my Blog right in front of my face. Somehow, I feel less pressured this way. What a relief.

I discovered this neat little Program while I was searching around trying to find information about 'Spell Check for your Blog' and I came across something that mentioned Windows Live Writer and that it had been updated to use with the New Blogger. Now I can worry less about typos 'cause this Spell Checks for me.

Give it a try if you are like me and living in the dark ages of Blogging. You can really do a lot of different things with it and it doesn't take long to download either.

Get it here

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2 comments: to “ I Must Be Stupid!

  • 2/2/08  

    Flock is the hot browser for bloggers right now, especially since AOL decided to dump its Netscape. Dunno which browser you finally settled for since we've not spoken since you were reworking your puter.

    Anyway, Flock is the latest and up to date shizzel that buzzing the net.

  • 2/2/08  

    Hi Saboma,
    I hate to tell you what I did to my puter..suffice it to say that it's fixed but I am using my Aunt's as I haven't hooked mine up to get online yet :(
    Thanks for the tip on the Browser and I will check it out as soon as I can download it to my own puter...