Make Money With the The NicheBlast system  


The NicheBlast system follows six simple steps for making you money.

1. An article is requested by NicheBlast for a specific site within the NicheBlast network.
2. You select an article if it interests you.
3. You have 48 hours to write the article and submit it for consideration.
4. Within a couple of days, your article will be approved or rejected. If it is rejected, you can checkout the article again and improve your previous article until it is accepted.
If it has been rejected, look for obvious grammar mistakes, accuracy and originality to get it approved.
5. After approval, your article will appear live on the site it is designated for.
6. You increase your article count and share a larger percentage of the income that sites within the NicheBlast network take in.

1. Write high quality articles that are clear, informative and show you took the time to research the material. All articles are anonymously reviewed by a team member and checked for plagiarism.
2. Articles should be no less than 350 words, but in rare cases the reviewer may deem an exceptional article acceptable if it is slightly less.
3. Users should have a strong understanding of the English language or have their articles edited before submission.

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