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Free Internet Voice Services for Any Web Page
Free Voice2Page™ is a promotional service that was designed to let you record 15-seconds of audio on the Internet from any phone.
This service can be used on websites, blogs, audioblogs (audio blog), online ads, forums, groups, profile pages, dating websites and even MySpace. Always free for personal use.
Optional upgraded services may not be included.
Adding your voice by telephone is as simple as 1-2-3!Add voice to pages via our online telephone system, you can enhance your user’s web experience. Voice2Page offers flash audio players, background music codes, audio codes, audio conferencing, upload audio, mp3 audio, free audio hosting, audio streams, information on how to add music, and will soon be hosting pictures
with audio.

I have added this to both my Sites. Please take the time to leave a voice comment.
The Phone Number and Pin is on the Player. This is fun and a good way to personalize your own Page. Best of all, it's FREE!

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