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If visitor length is roughly somewhere between 5 and 30 seconds the question would be how much is someone actually reading on your Blog?
How can you get them to stay longer?
What will catch their eye?
To answer the first two questions I would have to say that to have anyone stay for any length of time there must be some really great content, knowing what you are writing about and making your point clearly and quickly.
The third question might be one of flair.
While content is the most important thing, it’s good to have a little style too. Should you be intentionally flamboyant and exciting?
Well, a little flair never hurts.
But it’s still important to be true to yourself, and to be honest to your readers. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, but adding a little zest to your posts while still being yourself is a good way to be different than the more commonplace blogs out there.
I found a particularly good Post on this Topic Here , that gives some really good pointers and ideas about how to make your Blog stand out from all the rest.

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