Customers Are Sick To Death of Pop-Ups, Fly-Ins, and Pop-Unders  


well, welcome to the ultimate, non intrusive, cutting-edge, most incredible advertising method available today, where visitors are actually excited to see your ads!

Today, Consumers are exposed to hundreds maybe even thousands of commercial messages per day in one form or another -- from the boring, copy-laden radio commercial to the easily skimmed, forgettable newspaper ad, to the billboard on the side of the bus to the logo on the side of the building and finally to those annoying pop-ups you see on every other website!

Reading the research from the university of Washington conducted in 1999 statistics: “the average American is usually exposed to 500 to 1,000 commercial messages a day. That's anywhere from 182,500 to 365,000 commercial messages that a person will view this year alone.” and that was way back in 1999!!! imagine what it probably is today! It's no wonder that people have become "banner blind" and constantly block or exit from pop-ups with their itchy trigger fingers.

There must be something else, that is less intrusive yet more effective. I have been looking for a type of advertisement that makes my customers want to see it, instead of repelling them from your site.

Yes! finally there is.

It's a new breed of ads that's not only pleasing to the eye, but also incredibly effective in drawing in your customer's attention, causing them to click, and most importantly getting more of them to reach for their wallets because they're actually interacting with your ads instead of running from them.

Here's how it works. The customer sees a small animated "peel" on the top right corner of a page. Once he or she passes his mouse over it the web site "peels away" to show the ad. But...these non intrusive, super effective ads have been available only to big corporations with deep advertising pockets... Peel away ads! the perfect way to get that extra attention without the complaints of your customer. peel away ads are a proprietary technology that display a small animated "peel" also know as "curl" or "dog ears" on your web site on the top right corner. If a web site visitor moves the mouse over the peel away ad it smoothly opens with a peel-off animation.

That's nice, but how does it benefit me? Increase your monthly earnings, enjoy higher click through rates- because of human curiosity this new type of ad generates a very high click through rate!, install on multiple domains - use peel away ads as much as you can, "piece of cake" setup - add your domain information to the script in less than 5 minutes, rotate multiple ads - want to sell advertisement space on your site? the peel away ads script allows you to rotate multiple ads on your site.

Don't waste time on the same old junk.banner ads are invisible, text ads are crowded and pop-ups are just plain annoying . With peel away ads there's money to be made!

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PS: I just bought the code to add this peel away ads to my site but unfortunately you cannot upload it to blogger only to wordpress or your own domain...anyone want to buy it from me? I paid 8 bucks through Paypal.

Email me if you want to purchase it through paypal. - Thanks

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