I Surrender  


I am sad to say that I surrender - I give up on the whole Entrecard thing. I cannot possibly take the time out of my day to "play" the numbers game needed to get your Blog(s) up there to the top of your Niche.
I am weary of dropping cards and will not be doing this anymore unless I come across an Entrecard-Drop Yours on some random Blog I visit.
I have been with Entrecard for about a month, picked up a few new Readers, had my Blog favorited by a few and that's it.
Sorry but it just isn't worth the effort.

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4 comments: to “ I Surrender

  • 15/2/08  

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  • 17/2/08  

    It's very hard to be noticed in entrecard especially when you are competing with hard core droppers. I only reciprocate my drops to whomever made a drop on my site. That way I get to earn some credits for buying ads on others. I think the power of entrecard does not only end in getting traffic from fellow bloggers but getting recognized by non bloggers through the use of free ads. Even if it just for a day. :) HAppy blogging and thanks for dropping a card on my site.

  • 17/2/08  

    I agree with you totally Louie,
    I just don't have the time to be a
    "hard core" dropper. I do like the traffic it brings and the comments from nice people like you :)

  • 20/2/08  

    I agree with you. I just drop EC cards when I happen to see a site which has an EC widget. I'm not so much like some people whose main purpose to visit one's site is just to drop Entrecard. :)