I Went and Did it Now!  


Since we are two days into 'Blogrolling Amnesty Day' I thought I would take advantage of this time to put in my request to the following:

John Chow
Shoe Money
Dosh Dosh
The Wrong Advices

These are all in the Top 100 on Technorati so I figured it was worth my time and effort to do this, we shall see what comes of it.
Here's the request I sent to each of these great Sites:

In the spirit of BlogRolling Amnest Day, I humbly and respectfully request the honor of being added to your BlogRoll.
Naturally, I have added you to mine as well.

Come to think of it I should have said "you are cordially invited to add yourself to my Blog Roll" - LOL!
Think that will get it done?

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