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I got to thinking today about this Blog and where I am going to go with it.
There are many avenues one can take when blogging which makes me feel empowered to do what I will.
Interestingly enough many of us have do not understand what personal power means.
Perhaps you have been given the false idea that power is bad?
When our personal power is intact we have a clear sense of our strength and the impact we can have on others.
Personal power is what enables us to work on behalf of our dreams and desires allowing us to realize that we are worthy and deserve to succeed.
One way to nurture your personal power is to honor your dreams and desires by making concrete plans.
Start by making a list of things you want, and let yourself think big.
Choose one goal from the list and commit to bringing it to fruition.
Break the goal into tasks that you can work on each day.
Know that you deserve to have your dreams come true and that you have the power to bring them into being.

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5 comments: to “ Personal Power - Get It

  • 2/2/08  

    Grrrrreat post, Carol!
    An elephant can be eaten one bite at a time. Moreover, have a plan then stick to the plan! And remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.


  • 2/2/08  

    Hi Saboma,
    Great analogy! Yep I get it :)

  • 3/2/08  

    hi Carol, I am poking around....I love it so far.

    I haven't favored yet...please forgive my lapse ....but I will do so now:):)

  • 3/2/08  

    And here too....:):)

  • 3/2/08  

    Got ya covered Jackie,
    Glad you stopped by and that you like my little project here :)