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My friend EJ from Making Money Online With Articles has tagged me with the Meme - Link-Love Tag - You're It!

The rules are as follows :
Tag five other bloggers (and add their blogs to the list)
Note : - do not replace the list ;
copy the list below to your post and add your five blogs to the list.

Here’s the list :
The Strategist Notebook, Link Addiction, Ardour Of The Heart, When Life Becomes A Book, The Malaysian Life,, What goes Under The Sun, Roshidan’s Cyber Station, Sasha Says, Arts Of Physics, And The Legend Lives, My View, My Life, A Simple Life, What women REALLY Think, Not Much More Than This, Jayedee, Jenn, Beth,Christie, Marla, Cailin, Simone, Flip Flop Mom, Katrina, Gill’s Jottings, Work Of A Poet, Wakela, Modern Day Goddess, Livin With Me, Verb, Random Thoughts, I’m Running To Win Two, Regina’s Family Seasons, Lifesong, The Laughs Will Go On, Military Mom, The Vasquez 3, Brik-See-Us, Five Dollar Shake, My Three Wisemans, You Betta Recognize, Miscellaneous Matters, Opinionated Black Woman, Slausin-Ass Slausin, Word On The Street, Invisible Woman, Dark Brotha, The Black Actor, The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor, The People Who Could Fly Project, The Luscious Librarian, Sincere Thoughts, That Hotness, Celeb Blitz, Lisa C Writes, Mind Of Marcus, Raw Dawg Buffalo, Kreative Talk, Real Stars Don’t Struggle To Shine, Saucy’s Report, idkwhat2say, Fresh and Fab, Garry Blanson, Swagger Ready,Hye, Noelle D, Jens Jensen, Marvia, lifeiscalling, Making Money Online with Article Marketing, BlogEngage,, moemarketing ,BillyJacksBlog, EZ Money Online, My Reviews and Finds Along the Way, Small Fish Big Money, Shayon's Labyrinth, Blogging4Cash,Life,Billion Dollar Baloney.Me and My Drum,JollyJo,
AhTim dot com

My choices were:
Billion Dollar Baloney.
Me and My Drum,
AhTim dot com
Play it or slay it - your choice

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2 comments: to “ Link-Love Tag - You're It!

  • 11/2/08  

    Hey Carol...gladly. I will post soon!

  • 11/2/08  

    Cool JollyJo...I knew I could count on you :)