Today's Find - Surf Anonymously  


Wouldn't you like to surf anonymously using a Web-based tool rather than downloading software?
Just enter the URL of where you want to go into the box. At the top of every Web page, you'll see a box for entering the URL along with some other boxes that allow you to: Remove Scripts, Accept Cookies, Show Images, Show Referer, Cookies and more.
Some of these Sites do have Pop-ups so you will have to decide whether you would rather deal with those or have your privacy.
Proxy Ninja:

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2 comments: to “ Today's Find - Surf Anonymously

  • 4/2/08  

    I love proxy servers! Nice article and I am sure others will agree.

  • 4/2/08  

    Hi Frank,
    thanks for the compliment and I hope you found this post useful :)
    Tell all your friend :::wink:::