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While spending much of my time today on Entrecard, I found myself getting very frustrated with the page load time of many Sites. Some of them I didn't stay around enough to 'drop on' which led me to check my own site to see how long it takes to load.


Domain name Size Load Time Average Speed per KB KB0.42 seconds0.01 seconds

Have you thought about your page load time lately?

You can find some useful tools here: Web Tools

Of course this is free stuff....

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2 comments: to “ Pet Peeve - Page Load Time

  • 25/4/08  

    This is so true. I've visited sites that haven't loaded once 30 or more seconds have passed. When this happens, I just go to the next one. It's bad for traffic.

  • 25/4/08  

    Hi April,
    I have even come across some Sites that freeze the puter and I have to reboot, this really drives me nuts!
    Thanks for the visit and for taking the time to leave a comment :)