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This Site is like a cross between Twitter and Stumbleupon, another good way to get traffic to your Site.  Click HERE to see my Tumblr


Unlike blogs, tumblelogs aren't designed like a newspaper column. They're the easiest way to share everything you find, love, hate, or create — even if you're not wordy.

It's easy.

Tumblr features a most refined and simple interface. No complicated navigation. No code to learn. Share anything with just a couple clicks.

It's powerful.

Tumblr is feature packed. With full support for custom domains, custom HTML themes, markdown, audio uploads, video uploads, automatic scaling of embedded videos, instant message posting, the super-intelligent bookmarklet, a loaded API, and a lot more, all of the hard work is done for you.

It's mobile.

Face it, 90% of the interesting stuff in your life happens when you're away from your computer. So next time you take a photo on your phone or catch your friends saying something funny, send it to Tumblr.

It's free.

Tumblr is free and feature packed. Even advanced features like custom themes, custom CSS, custom domains, audio and video hosting, are standard.

It's you.

Finally, you can express yourself online in a way that's true to yourself without being limited to a "profile". Share anything and customize everything.

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