Today's Find - PC World - 101 Fantastic Freebies  


Want to make your PC more productive, secure, informative, and entertaining? These downloads and services will do it for you and they are all FREE!

File Sharing and Storage


Video and Photo

System Backup and Utilities

Maps and Directions


Time Management


Desktop Customization

News Readers


Wordless Wednesday  


Manic Monday  


Today's Find - SWATcash  


SWATcash was created for people like YOU, to give you the opportunity to earn cash fast and win awesome prizes! Sign-up is FREE and you don't even need a credit card to participate. With our referral system you can earn 20% of what your friends make, so the more people you get to sign up the more money you will make. Don't forget cash back shopping, shop online through our store and get a percentage of cash-back on every purchase.

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Today's Find - VistaMizer  


With VistaMizer you can keep your good ol' Windows XP operating system while enjoying a brand new, true Vista look. In addition to changing the whole desktop appearance, more than 300 files are replaced with new icons, pictures and videos. This means that VistaMizer does not provide its own files, but modifies those of your system which you select during the installation process.

In any case, VistaMizer is optimized to get over compatibility issues and therefore ensures that the system doesn't become unstable due to the changes. And if you're not satisfied by the results or simply want to go back to XP, you have the possibility to return to your old system by running VistaMizer's uninstallation feature.

Take a look at what the program features:

Modifies your own system files
Free choice of the files you want to change
Multilingual support
Compatibility check during installation
Backup of the original system files

Download HERE

Today's Find - Tumblr  


This Site is like a cross between Twitter and Stumbleupon, another good way to get traffic to your Site.  Click HERE to see my Tumblr


Unlike blogs, tumblelogs aren't designed like a newspaper column. They're the easiest way to share everything you find, love, hate, or create — even if you're not wordy.

It's easy.

Tumblr features a most refined and simple interface. No complicated navigation. No code to learn. Share anything with just a couple clicks.

It's powerful.

Tumblr is feature packed. With full support for custom domains, custom HTML themes, markdown, audio uploads, video uploads, automatic scaling of embedded videos, instant message posting, the super-intelligent bookmarklet, a loaded API, and a lot more, all of the hard work is done for you.

It's mobile.

Face it, 90% of the interesting stuff in your life happens when you're away from your computer. So next time you take a photo on your phone or catch your friends saying something funny, send it to Tumblr.

It's free.

Tumblr is free and feature packed. Even advanced features like custom themes, custom CSS, custom domains, audio and video hosting, are standard.

It's you.

Finally, you can express yourself online in a way that's true to yourself without being limited to a "profile". Share anything and customize everything.

Sign up for Tumblr HERE

John Chow is Giving Away 10,000 Entrecard Credits  


These credits sure will come in handy now since Entrecard introduced a new demand based pricing model. Blogs that are in high demand has seen their prices skyrocket.

Entering the contest is extremely simple. Just send a trackback by making a blog post about this contest on your blog. If the trackback doesn’t work, then leave the URL to your blog post in the comments on John's Site.
At the end of this month, he will draw a name from all the entries received and transfer 10,000 Entrecard credits into that person’s account.

Check it out HERE

Make it Easy to Comment  


I like to leave comments on a lot of blogs every day - but it really makes me nuts when I have to login or register to leave a comment. I also get annoyed with those little security code thingys. You know the ones I'm talking about? Add this or type that - really annoying.

Perhaps I’m lazy (actually, I am lazy) but when I see a comments section that that's like trying to break into Fort Knox then I simply leave the blog without leaving the comment that I want to make.

Engaging in commenting can be fun and a great way to socialize with other Bloggers.
It is also a good way to encourage others to read and comment on your Blog. For the benefit of your Readers keep the comment section as simple and easy to use as possible.

What do you think? How have you increased the levels of comments on your blog?

Are you doing what you love?  


Passion is difficult to fake, you are either doing what you love or you are not, there is no in-between. What if you just won the Lottery and money was no longer an issue, would you still do what you're doing now - for free??

Blogging is a challenge for me, although I am not making a ton of money, I am doing something I enjoy which is better then working my butt off for some company that doesn't appreciate me. Life is too short not to love what you do, and it’s much, much too short to wait around until someone hands you a billion dollars.

Did you bounce out of bed this morning excited to face the day ahead?

Or did the thought of getting up and going to work make you wish you could stay snug in your bed?

Today's Find - Cyber Pets  


I found the cutest Site today. It's called  Bunnyhero Labs. Here you can adopt interactive cyber pets which  are widgets you can "adopt" to put on your webpage, myspace, xanga, livejournal, blog, etc... for free!

My personal favorite is the monkey :)

Pet Peeve - Page Load Time  


While spending much of my time today on Entrecard, I found myself getting very frustrated with the page load time of many Sites. Some of them I didn't stay around enough to 'drop on' which led me to check my own site to see how long it takes to load.


Domain name Size Load Time Average Speed per KB KB0.42 seconds0.01 seconds

Have you thought about your page load time lately?

You can find some useful tools here: Web Tools

Of course this is free stuff....

Today's Find - 451 Press  


Here's an interesting opportunity for you to earn money Blogging. Check it out!

451 Press is always looking for bright, talented writers who want to have their voices heard. We are looking for writers with unique voices to contribute to our growing network of blogs. Our blogs cover a wide range of topics. If you have a passion for a subject then we just might have a place for you.

Here are some reasons you should consider writing for 451 Press:

Make money!
Get exposure.
Work from anywhere
Write about your passion.
Improve your writing skills.
Work with other bloggers.
Be part of a community
Free Web Hosting for your personal site.

Gold vs. Dollar  


On Vulcan's Hammer and found it interesting. A video most Ron Paul supporters will love and understand.

Leave it to the Feds to screw everything up.

Something new in the making  


Something new in the making. Found this on 1 Man & His Blog. Apparently he is developing something he calls UpZap a new website being developed by Darren Singleton. Aiming to offer quality, free traffic for webmasters and at the same time help web surfers find new and interesting websites about topics of their choice.
At the moment, the only thing you can do is submit your websites. If you visit our homepage and submit your website, you are guaranteed to gain an extra boost of traffic over anybody who submits their URLs once we have launched.
The website itself is heavily in development, but progress is coming along nicely. All websites submitted prior to the launch of UpZap will be given an extra boost of traffic from the System.

There are 158 websites currently in the database, including mine :)

Why not go and add yours too and pay a little visit to Darren letting him know what you think?

Today's Find - Free Cell Phones  


If it's time for you to renew your cell phone contract this might be just the thing for you. Shipping is free too!

Free Razor Cell Phones for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless! Plus Bonus Headsets and Cash Back! Free Krzr Phones!
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